13 Packing Tips That Will Change Your Life

February 12, 2018 4 min read

13 Packing Tips That Will Change Your Life

President's Weekend is around the corner, which means it's time to get out of town and take a vacation! Isn't it the worst when you realize you forgot a sweater and are in a freezing cold restaurant so you have to borrow your friend's shawl? Or you packed a pair of jeans and don't have the right top to wear with it? We've all been there... unfortunately. Here are the top 13 tips every traveler should follow to be efficient and have a stress-free vacation!

1.   Pack by outfit, not by individual items

Embrace your inner Cher from Clueless and come up with some outfit ideas! Take pictures on your phone of the outfits you created. That way, instead of feeling like you have nothing to wear, you have pre-set outfits to pick from. We promise, this packing tip will change your life.

2. Roll, don't fold!

Another packing tip... If you're an over-packer like us, your biggest space-saver is the rolling (not folding). You can fit so much more in your luggage if you tightly roll your clothes. BONUS! This technique is less likely to make clothes wrinkle.  

3. Don't throw in those two extra things.

We did a survey in the office. Everyone jams in something last-minute whether it's a pair of jeans or shoes. Just go with what you have and own it! If you have to throw something else in, make sure you take another thing out. 

4. Bring a second form of Identification 

It's always good to have back-up. God forbid you lose your license or misplace it (it's really easy to lose track of things on vacation). You'll have to go to the airport extra early to get questioned by security. Just to be safe, bring your passport or something that has your headshot on it like a gym I.D. card... you never know!

5. Bring your own blow dryer

Yes, it's annoying and takes up space that you can use for another pair of shoes, but it's a life-saver! Usually the blow dryers hotels provide don't have the best wattage and you'll find yourself running late to your dinner reservation because it takes double the time to style your hair. 

6. Leave your good jewelry at home

Don't bring it if you're going to take it off. It's one less thing to worry about. Jewelry is a pain and gives bad tan lines when you're at the beach anyways. If you do bring expensive jewelry, keep it minimal.  We've been culprits of bringing a jewelry on trips that we never end up wearing.  It's better to bring a statement necklace or earrings that you know which outfit you're going to wear them with. These neutral pearls by Chrysmela Catch are perfect for trips because they match any outfit and you won't lose them because of their secure backing.

7. Bring a sweater 

You're going to need it.. even if you're somewhere tropical. The temperature always drops at night. PLUS, restaurants and hotels always have the AC blasting. Instead of being uncomfortable and trying to tough out those goosebumps, pack a cotton cashmere poncho like this Golftini one. It's easy to store in your purse AND it's versatile so you can also wear it as a scarf.  

8. Don't Forget Your Sunscreen

Getting sunburnt after the first day is a rookie move! No one wants to be that girl. Wear sunscreen right from the get-go. Peeling isn't pretty and your tan will disappear quicker if you burn! Our favorite sunscreen is SKIN SUNSCREEN™. They also have a SPF lip balm that keeps your lips hydrated and prevents them from burning

9. Wear a comfortable travel outfit

You want to wear something that is super comfy that you can move around in. Save the stilettos for happy hour. The key to travel outfits is layers, layers, layers!  We reccomend the GT Tech Jacket and Heather Grey Leggings. The best part? These can double as your workout outfit if you want to get in a last-minute gym session.

10. Tone down the toiletries

Scale down to the basics. You won't need body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, Q-tips, cotton balls etc. Most hotels provide these anyway. Just be sure to check out their website ahead of time to see what they provide to guests and leave it behind.  Also, do you really need five different eye shadows? Just bring one neutral shade and jazz it up with whatever blush you bring with you!

11. Unpack as soon as you get to the hotel

Let's be honest, the last thing anyone feels like doing when they arrive is unpacking. Running down to the lobby for a quick cocktail or hitting the beach to get some sun always feels like a priority, but you will be thanking yourself later when your pajamas are easy to find and your clothes aren't a wrinkled mess.

12.  Pack an expandable bag

Meet your new life-saver. If you go shopping on your vacation or get any souveniers, you have this baby to whip out when there's no room left in your luggage. It also can act as your second personal item for your carry-on. Winning!

13. Prepare for lost luggage

No one ever wants to be the person who is waiting at baggage claim only to find out their luggage is lost. However, accidents happen and I am here to tell you it doesn't have to be the end of the world. Pack an extra set of clothes and a bathing suit your carry on! That way if you have to wait a day, you aren't completely without your stuff and you can still hit the beach!

We hope you can use some of these tips for your next trip, we know we will. Write in the comments and tell us where you plan on going next! 


The Golftini Team

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