Ace Your Tennis Look: The Best Tennis Outfits for Women Who Play to Win

May 10, 2023 5 min read

A woman in a tennis outfit lying on a pink court, surrounded by tennis balls.

When it comes to choosing what to wear to a tennis game, your outfit should tick two boxes: style and sensibility. Not only can a well-chosen tennis outfit boost your confidence by making you look your best, but it can also help you move more freely, allowing you to nail every backhand, lob, and volley. Besides, wouldn’t it just be great to make a statement as you sashay onto the court? 

If you’re ready to serve up some seriously stylish looks, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we give you this go-to guide on tennis attire, and share a few winning tennis outfits designed to help you slay on the court. 

Is there a dress code for tennis?

Like golf, the dress code for tennis has been tweaked throughout the years to keep up with the times. Most casual courts don’t have strict rules regarding women’s tennis outfits, so you're in the clear even if your attire is a cocktail of colors. 

However, if you’re at a private tennis club or playing professionally, note that the rules may be stricter than that of public clubs or casual matches. In addition, most tournaments like Wimbledon will only allow players to step onto the court if they wear all-white. Color on the side seams or trim may be permitted, but only if it’s less than 10 centimeters wide. To be sure, it’s best to call your club before going. 

What should women wear to tennis?

It’s worth noting that most clubs will only tell you what color to wear, and what length your clothes should be. It’s up to you to pick clothes that not are not only dress-code-appropriate but are also built for play.  Here are a few practical pointers for putting together a tennis outfit

Reach for a sweat-proof top

Ladies, we know you don’t like it when your shirt gets all sweaty and clings to your skin. So when choosing which tennis top to wear, go for the one made of moisture-wicking material. That way, you can stay dry, cool, comfortable, and focused on what matters—your match! 

Stay covered with a stylish skort

Shorts are a popular choice for tennis, but they can be prone to riding up. Skirts, on the other hand, are a huge wardrobe malfunction risk, especially in sports where you have to run around. 

Enter the skort. With built-in shorts and the style of skirts, it offers both form and function so you can play with confidence, knowing that it’s got you covered—literally.

Opt for materials that move with you

Tennis is the type of sport where you’ll have to move swiftly. The last thing you’d want is for your tennis outfit to slow you down, so be sure to wear clothes that offer maximum flexibility. Opt for pieces made from materials such as spandex, nylon, and polyester. 

Serve up style and performance in these tennis outfits 

Want to show everyone that you’re here to win? Let your tennis outfit do the talking. Whether you’re at a local court or an exclusive club, here are a few women’s tennis outfits that’ll take your game to the next level: 


Court Couture

If Barbie were to play tennis, we bet that this is what she’d wear. For casual matches with your girlfriends, slip into this Hot Pink Sleeveless Contrast Zip Polo. This cute tennis tee features a structured cut that enhances your curves, and a v-neck placket that adds visual interest to your attire. 

Pair it with the equally pretty Pink Flamingo Skort, which was designed to meet all of your on-court requirements. Light and breathable, its built-in shorts provide you with reliable coverage even on the windiest days so you can run across the court without worries. The subtle stripe detail pays tribute to ‘70s sportswear and adds a retro touch, perfect for a trendsetter like you. 

Backhand Babe

Convey confidence on the court in a timeless tennis outfit that features tailored lines and minimalist colors. Made for the woman who’s determined to win, the Navy Sleeveless Contrast Zip Polo is crafted from a lightweight material that feels oh-so-soft on the skin. Its fabric wicks away sweat, while the built-in Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) protects you from the sun’s rays. And with its sleeveless design, you’ll have a full range of arm movement, so you can serve and swing without any restrictions. 

Wear it with the Envy Skort, which comes with a tasteful pink accent that adds a touch of femininity to your tennis outfit. Its inner shorts feature a super-stretchy pocket for your tennis ball, while the A-line skirt smooths over it to keep your bottoms bulk-free. 


Double Trouble

Playing doubles? Why not team up with your bestie and show up in a monochromatic set that’s fit for fashionistas like you? One of you could rock an all-black ensemble, like the Black Sleeveless Contrast Zip Polo paired with the Invincible Skort. Not only does this tennis outfit make a bold statement on the court, but it also offers a slimming effect that makes you feel your best.

Alternatively, you could show off your skills in a white tennis skirt outfit, featuring the crisp White Sleeveless Contrast Zip Polo and the breathable Ice Ice Baby Skort. Wearing all-white is a stylish way to pay tribute to classic tennis attire, plus it’s bound to get you into the most prestigious clubs! 

Both of these tennis outfits were curated with functionality and style in mind, so whichever you choose, you can be confident that you look your absolute best! 


Sun-kissed Strokes

Golftini Tie Top and Pull-on Stretch Skort

Sunny days call for the White Sleeveless Sport Tie Top, a workout tank with split panels at the back. Tie it up for a cropped fit, or wear it open for extra back breathability, allowing you to survive the sweatiest tennis sessions. Its wide straps cover both shoulders to make sure that your sports bra stays concealed, while its scoop hem enhances your body’s contours. 

Complement it with the Navy/White Top Golf Pull-on Skort. With its mesh trim, it allows air to circulate better around the body while adding an athletic detail. You could also swap it out for the navy skort for the White Top Golf Pull-on Skort to create a Wimbledon-worthy white tennis skirt outfit.


She Means Business

For a tennis outfit that screams, “I mean serious business”, sport the practical but stylish pieces from the Be an Athlete collection. In the flexible Black Be an Athlete Jacket, you’ll not only be able to play like a pro, but look like one, too! This sporty piece is made from a form-fitting fabric that won’t weigh you down. Meanwhile, its concealed thumb holes will keep your hands cool on chilly days without affecting your grip. 

Pair it with the Black Be an Athlete Skort, which is crafted from breathable, fast-drying fabric for all-day comfort. Side slits give your legs more freedom to move, allowing you to master your stance and run across the court with ease. 

Tie your outfit together with the Reversible Bucket Hat, showing off the hot pink side for a preppy flair. It sits snugly on your head so you don’t have to worry about it falling off as you backhand your way to victory. 

Hit a style grand slam with Golftini

Look like a style icon while showing off your skills on the court! At Golftini, we believe that sportswear can and should be stylish, which is why we blend form and function in all of our collections. Our sports apparel are designed to meet all of your on-court requirements while ensuring you always look your best. 

Our clothes come in a variety of colors and prints that go perfectly with one another, allowing you to create all kinds of looks, from minimalist to modish. Whatever winning combo you come up with, you can count on one thing—you’ll look like the court icon that you are! Shop at Golftini today to put together tennis outfits that take your style and skills to the next level. 

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