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October 07, 2022 1 min read

In 2005, Golftini started with the goal of delivering fashionable and functionable golf clothing but also with the mission to raise awareness about Breast Cancer not only in October but all year round. 17 years later, Golftini's mission remains the same through partnering with the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation in Chicago, IL where a percentage of all sales is donated to. October serves as annual reminder to get screened, recognize survivors and fighters, and raise awareness to research to eradicate the disease.

Here's how you can help support and raise awareness.

  • Get screened and schedule a Mammogram annually (Mammography can detect cancer early when it is the most treatable)
  • Conduct Self breast exams monthly (1 in 8 women have a chance of invasive breast cancer)
  • Learn and share information through social media and alert friends and family (75% of women with breast cancer have NO family history or risk factors)
  • Participate in fundraisers and breast cancer walks 
  • Support and wear pink throughout the month

Many people have lost a loved one or know someone affected by breast cancer, your efforts to raise awareness can help make a difference. If you would like to support and raise awareness through Golftini, our Breast Cancer Awareness Performance Hats are available on our website. If you would like to directly support the Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Foundation, click here.

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