Golftini Celebrates International Women's Day

March 08, 2018 3 min read

It's International Women's Day! And everyone here on the Golftini team could not be more excited. It is a day to celebrate the women in your life and give appreciation to all they have accomplished. Young, old, celebrity, or friend, we are supportive of our powerful ladies and want to #PressForProgress.

The progress that women have made is astounding. We have the #MeToo and #TimesUP movements that welcomed women to come forward and tell their stories. We have women in politics, women in business, and women who are watching these strong ladies in the media fight for equality. It is a generation of change and inspiration that can effect generations to come.

We want to recognize our women in business today. We have a deep respect for those who have perservered in a not so hospitible environemnt and thrived. Those at Golftini want to bring a little more attention to some of the women we find inspiration in.  The list below is by no means the complete list, but just our highlight reel of where we look for motivation.

We want to shout out our fellow women in business starting with the founders of the Women in the Golf Industry. This group created a space for women to form bonds, seek assitance and form connections with the other women finding their way through the golf industry. Emmy Moore-Minister is the current president and already leading the group with a vivacity that Golftini could not be more proud of. It is a great place to start your golf journey and begin making connections if you are interested in the industry.


Our second shout out goes to Emily Weiss, Glossier's founder & CEO. She started her company through a beauty blog called Into the Gloss. Now, it's a leading company in the makeup and skincare industry and it's still growing. Her success starts and ends with her mentality of "do the work", which our own owner/designer Susan Hess mimics in her management of our team. They both believe that you own what you do and you always push forward, even when you make mistakes.


Our third shout out goes to another social media mogul, Arielle Charnas, the creator of the popular blog and instagram, Something Navy. She started out her journey very similarly to Weiss. Charnas knew she wanted to be in the fashion industry.  She would put together outits and post blogs explaining the pieces. She ended up being a model and designer for a brand called Singer22, which launched her into the fashion/blogging industry. She had her ups and downs, but what remained constant was that she was sure of what she wanted to do. That passion and drive allowed her to start her own clothing line at Nordstrom! She is living out her dream and everyone at Golftini is rooting for her.


Our last, but certainly not least, shout out goes to our US Olypmic Women's Golf Team, Lexi Thompson, Stacy Lewis, and Gerina Piller. As a company dedicated to giving women the clothing they want and need to play their best golf game, these women embody the confidence we want to give our customers. Their dedication and discipline to become athletes in the Olympic arena is inspirational. Beyond the Olympics, they each have incredible scoring records in multiple golf tournaments as well. Golftini's HQ team is working on their golf swing as we speak.

There is a common thread amongst all of the women we have mentioned here today. They had a passion and a love for something and made it their own. They created their companies, they embraced the hard days and the set backs and continued working for what they knew they wanted.  From all of us here at Golftini, we want our customers and women outside of the golf world to look at all of these ladies and find their own motivation to go for their dreams. Women supporting women can lead to unimaginable change. And we are ready for it. 

Happy International Women's Day from everyone at Golftini!

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