Golftini in the Spotlight: Industry Magazine

December 01, 2018 3 min read

Golftini in the Spotlight: Industry Magazine

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Golftini is thrilled to announce Industry Magazine's article on owner and designer, Susan Hess. The article wonderfully captures Susan’s vibrant personality and tells the story and evolution of Golftini - how it all started, the journey thus far, where the company is today, and where it is going -while highlighting Golftini missions, as well as bits and pieces of Susan’s personal life that are seamlessly woven into the fabric of the company and clothing.

“It may have all ‘started with a skort’, but there’s more to the tale of how this suburban mom became a successful fashion designer and entrepreneur”

As the article shares, the story started a very long time before that. As fate may have it, Susan was born in Augusta, Georgia, where the Masters Tournament is played each year. Susan grew up learning how to golf from her grandparents. Little did she know at the time, golf would become her life.

As an adult, Susan picked the game back up. "After she was unable to find an attractive golf skort, she located a pattern maker in Manhattan's Garment District...he made one (skort) out of her desired solid black stretch cotton, adorned with what has become Golftini's signature ribbon trim."

Still unknowingly to Susan, the first Golftini Skort was born. It was not until Susan decided to go big or go home and get a 10x10 booth at the PGA Show in Orlando, did she realize this was truly becoming a business. Everything was kicked into high-gear when "on the shows first day, she got a $70,000 order from the PGA Superstore, which was about to open its first location." This situation is a perfect example of Susan's “innate ability to react to unexpected circumstances.”

The article highlights some milestones that occurred after the show, such as the introduction to her friend's husband, a manufacturer in NYC, who produced and helped launch the line, and attending Goldman Sachs 10,ooo Small Businesses Program. The feature also touches on the importance Susan places on collaboration and growing with others, as oppose to competing. Susan attributes her success to all of those who have helped her along the way and loves partaking in business partnerships with other brands she finds and loves. "The firm recently partnered with SKIN Sunscreen of Arizona, which makes products specially designed for golfers," and Susan's "preferred brand of Italian golf well as Chrysmela earrings made by a friend that feature a special catch that wont come loose on the golf course."

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In addition to her partners, Susan gives a shoutout to her three boys who she ropes into playing rounds with her on Mother's Day. They are also a huge part of Golftini's success, often providing inspiration for the fun and clever skort names that can be found on inside the waistband. For example, the The Parker Punch Skort is named after Susan's youngest son, Parker.

With the support of family, friends, sales reps, employees, and so many more, Golftini is now in 400+ pro shops across the world.

“The vivacious Hess is the owner and designer of Golftini, a luxury brand of stylish and functional women’s and junior golf apparel sold at more than 400 pro shops, resorts, and boutiques in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Ireland”

Shop the looks featured in the article below!

Look #1: The Twiggy Skort Hot Pink Sleeveless Zip Tech Polo













Look #2: The Pink Panther Skort & Red Sleeveless Zip Tech Polo

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