Women’s Golf Outfit Ideas: Creating a Winning Look

May 10, 2023 5 min read

Four women in golf outfits posing in front of a golf cart.

Skill may be crucial to your on-course performance, but there’s something else that can impact your play: your outfit. That’s right—wearing the right golf attire can be the difference between a bogey and a birdie. Not only does a well-chosen outfit boost your confidence, but it also gives you more range of movement, allowing you to show off your skills with ease. 

Ready to start dressing to win? We’ve got you covered with our women’s golf outfit ideas. We’ve got everything, from sporty pieces to versatile looks that can take you from the course to cocktails. Whatever your style is, you’ll find inspiration to put together outfits that can help you look, feel, and play like a pro on the course. 


women’s golf outfit ideas to inspire your look

Choosing an outfit for a game of golf can be a real challenge. You’d want to strike the balance between looking good and being able to move about freely. To help you out, here are cute women’s golf outfit ideas that will give you what you want—and more!


1. Sun-safe and stylish

Golftini Black long sleeve top and stylish skort
The Skin Cancer Foundation says that sunscreen must be constantly reapplied to maintain its effectiveness. But when you’re out playing golf, slathering on sunscreen may not exactly be at the top of your priority list. We don’t blame you—reapplying sunscreen mid-game can be messy, inconvenient, and throw you off your flow entirely.
So why not sun-proof your skin with clothing instead, like our Black Long Sleeve Ruffle Polo? This wardrobe staple comes with UPF 30+ sewn into its fabric, so you can concentrate on your swing without worrying about the sun.
Complete the look with the matching Black/White Checkered Stretch Ankle Pants for full-leg coverage. What’s a better women’s golf outfit idea than one that keeps your skin safe and sunburn-free?

2. Cozy on the course

Golftini Black Vest and Floral Skort


You don’t need to let the weather get in your way! Here’s a good women’s golf outfit idea for when it’s chilly out: throw on the Navy City Girl Vest over a cute long-sleeve top. Made from 100% nylon, this puffer vest provides you with the right amount of warmth for cold days on the course. And with its lightweight material and stretchy side seams, it offers you the full range of motion you need to twist, swing, and give your girlfriends all the high-fives. 

Pair it with the pull-on Beach Bum (Longer) Skort to add a playful flair to your outfit and score some style points. It comes with two pockets for storing your scorecard, golf tees, golf balls, and if you’re feeling extra frosty, a portable heat pack. In this women’s golf outfit, you’ll be a winner even before you start your game! 


3. In love with lavender

Golftini Lavender Sleeveless Top And Lavender Skorts

Here’s a trendy women’s golf outfit idea for you: turn up in the color of the moment, lavender. Not only does this dreamy shade of purple show off your sweet, soft side, but it’s also perfect for on- and off-course wear.  

Slip into the Lavender Sleeveless Zip Polo, a super-soft top that offers your arms an unrestricted range of movement. Its side seams add structure and define your contours, while its crisp collar is guaranteed to get you into the strictest golf courses. 

Match it with the Make It a Double (Shorter) Skort to add a feminine touch to your attire. Its medallion print goes elegantly with a variety of tops, while its ruffled hem flutters in the wind, adding a graceful flair to every swing. This golf skort outfit is your go-anywhere staple—it can take you anywhere, whether to the green or to off-duty adventures with your girlfriends.


4. Classic course wear

Golftini Polo,Skort and Hat outfit idea

This women’s golf outfit idea is for those who want to keep it clean, classy, and country-club-approved. It’s perfect for the lady who values traditional tee wear, but who doesn’t shy away from giving it an elevated twist, either. 

The Navy Sleeveless Stretch Cotton Polo shines with its scallop-cut collar, which is made even more beautiful by intricate embroidery. Its perfect coordinating piece, the Sand Castles (Shorter) Stretch Cotton Skort, is a showstopper with its tropical prints and scalloped trim that adds playfulness to your look. The striking contrast of blue against white also creates a bold and eye-catching effect, guaranteed to get you compliments all day long.

Complete this cute golf skort outfit with the Navy/White Reversible Bucket Hat. Not only does it shield your eyes from the sun, but it also makes your ensemble à la mode. 


5. All-day athleisure

Golftini Navy Blue Athlete Jacket And Navy Skorts

Designed for the girl boss who’s always on the go, the Be an Athlete Collection offers off-course style while ensuring you’re always game-ready. Crafted from a form-fitting, lightweight fabric, the Navy Be An Athlete Jacket won’t add unwanted bulk to your attire, while its two zip pockets allow you to carry your essentials with ease and security. 

Structure and stretch come together in the Navy Be an Athlete Skort (Shorter), creating a wardrobe staple that’s both sporty and chic. With flexible built-in shorts and side slits, it offers maximum mobility and comfort so you can unlock your full potential on the course. 

Show the world what you’re made of in water-resistant pieces that allow you to play your best. The pieces in this women’s golf outfit idea are made of moisture-wicking material that keeps you dry and sweat-free, no matter what the weather throws at you.

How to put together the perfect golf outfit

Don’t underestimate the power of a good golf outfit! By using the women’s golf outfit ideas above as a starting point, you’ll be able to master your on-course style in no time. 

When you’re ready to put together your own golf outfits, here are a few things to consider. By following these tips, you can bring your style up to par, and feel confident—while looking oh-so-sleek—from the first tee to birdie:

Read your course’s dress code

When coming up with women’s golf outfit ideas, don’t forget to find out if the golf course you’re going to has specific rules regarding what you can and can’t wear. While today’s dress codes aren’t as strict as they used to be (whew!), there are still general guidelines to follow, such as wearing skirts and skorts of the appropriate length. 

Put comfort first

Don’t get us wrong—looking good is important as it can boost your confidence, but being comfortable is more crucial to your game. With that being said, comfort should always be your top priority. You’ll want to wear functional clothes that allow you to put, tee up, and swing with ease, focusing on pieces made from breathable fabrics. As you come up with women’s golf outfit ideas, aim to find the sweet spot where form and function meet. 

Feel free to play with patterns, prints, and colors

Gone are the days when vibrant colors, prints, and patterns were frowned upon by country clubs. Today’s fairway style allows you to show off your personality through fashion-forward golf wear, so feel free to add a pop of color and incorporate eye-catching designs to your outfits. 

Bring your women’s golf outfit ideas to life with Golftini

At Golftini, all of the pieces in our collection, from our tops to our pants, have been carefully curated to coordinate with each other, making mixing and matching a breeze. Plus, as we’re players ourselves, we know how important it is to merge form and function in golf wear. That’s why our entire apparel line is not only fashion-forward but also built for play. 

Explore our vast collection of golf wear to put together women’s golf outfits that suit your unique style, allowing you to conquer the course with confidence!


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